The Taxslayer Center was rockin' Saturday Night with the Doobie Brothers long awaited, oft-delayed 50th anniversary show featuring both Tom Johnston and Michael McDonald.

Nine players in all took the stage to recreate the Doobies cooler-than-cool California mixed with Delta sound.  Their effortless jams filled the first hour of the 2 hour show, highlighting songs throughout their career, and even the Michael McDonald solo tune You Belong To Me.  McDonald's soulful delivery of his most heartfelt lyrics was a seasoning missing from previous incarnations of Doobies shows I've attended.

The biggest moment of the first hour for me was when Tom Johnston casually mentioned the the crowd that, "Here comes a song you wouldn't expect us to play..." before kicking into Wheels of Fortune from 'Taking It To The Streets.'  I was blown away to hear it.

Johnston's vocals, Patrick Simmons harmonies and jack-of-all-trades John McFee playing and singing brought each one of their songs to life.  Even the new material, to be released on "album" Oct 1st fit right in.

The second hour of the show delivered a late night menu of every song you ever heard on the radio. Even a small technical issue with Simmons' guitar rig couldn't take the crowd, or the band out of the mood for Jesus Is Just Alright.  And Taking It To The Streets seemed as poignant today as when it was first released.

This show is a must-see for even casual fans of the band.  The chemistry and musicianship of this lineup will make you realize you just saw a bucket list show.

September 16th in St. Louis.  Do yourself a favor!