Just inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in November 2020, the Doobie Brothers will soon once again, be doing what they do best: hitting the road for some live rock n roll shows.

On Wednesday, the Iowa State Fair announced the Doobie Brothers will be headlining the Grandstand at the Iowa State Fair on Sunday August 22nd.

Tickets go on sale on Friday on the Iowa State Fair's website.

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According to Iowa's News Now this show is scheduled for the final night of this year's Iowa State Fair.

Organizers can be cautiously optimistic that audiences will return with a classic rock crowd pleaser like the Doobie Brothers. This band is a 70's icon, they were funky, rockin' and soulful, just a bunch of guys that got better at each step and with every album of their career.

The Doobie Brothers tour stopped in Cedar Rapids a few years ago; the band played at the McGrath Amphitheater. But this year the band is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with Michael McDonald joining along with founding members Pat Simmons and Tom Johnston, and John McFee.

This 50th Anniversary tour will be the one to see as fans will get more than just a Greatest Hits collection. With Michael McDonald back on vocals the band has an extended set list of hits. The band always seems to toss in a few unexpected gems from the early days or from the B-sides.

The concert announcement came as Iowa reaches it's 1,00,000,000th Covid-19 vaccination this week. Governor Reynolds confirmed that news at her press conference on Wednesday.

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One of the Doobies' greatest hits was a cover song of an old Motown record. "Take Me In Your Arms" was a Top 5 R&B hit in 1965 for singer Kim Weston.

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