My friend Courtlin saw me reading the paper this morning in my office. She said, "I think you're the only person I know that still has a newspaper subscription." It made me think....does anybody read the paper anymore?

I was curious, so I made a call this morning to the Cedar Rapids Gazette. They informed me they currently have over 100,000 subscriptions in the area. That number is not just the hard copy, but online readers as well. They couldn't tell me how many actual "newspapers" are sold every week.

Maybe I'm an "old soul," but I really enjoy receiving the Cedar Rapids Gazette every morning. It's relaxing to read the paper with my morning coffee. I also get really good ideas for my morning radio show and sometimes you find stories that aren't posted online.

My father would always grab the paper after church. It was a weekly tradition for us.  We would stop at our local grocery store to pick up items for Sunday breakfast and he always made sure to grab a newspaper. He would read it front to back during our meal. Maybe that's where I got it from!

What I really like about reading the physical copy is there are no pop-up ads. If I don't want to look at something, I just turn the page! It's also LARGER PRINT for old guys like me. There's just something about it that is very old school, and that's what I like most about my morning paper.

My only issue is the clutter that's in my office! It adds up quick, I need to get this stack to the recycling center. I guess that's one problem you don't have with the online subscription.

Photo: Larson
Photo: Larson

So, I'm curious. Do you still read the paper? Comment below and we can discuss!

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