Every Monday the Iowa Department of transportation puts a clever message on the traffic boards like the one above to remind people to drive safely, use seat belts, not to text while driving, etc.

But do you know what today's traffic message board is referring to?

For January 8 the message refers to something: "...Don't get all shook up, buckle your belt..."

It's a reminder to wear your seat belts, but what exactly does that "all shook up" mean?

It's referring to Elvis Presley. The rock n roll singer from the 1950's. He had a hit song called "All Shook Up"

And it turns out that January 8 is the "king's" birthday. He would have been 82 today. If he were still with us, this is an artist's renditoin of what he may have looked like.

Getty Images / Sachs Media Group
Getty Images / Sachs Media Group

Buckle up and keep on rockin.



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