The Old Farmers Almanac says you can predict how bad the winter weather is going to be by the color and width of the bands on the fuzzy "woolly bear" caterpillars.

I took these pictures just the other day of three different fuzzy caterpillars at Squaw Creek County Park. And as you can see, there is almost a consensus among the critters here that says it should be a mild winter. Or maybe not...

Remember, the Almanac says if the rusty band is wide, then it will be a mild winter. The more black there is, the more severe the winter.

Critter #1 (below) seemed to be moving along quickly as if to say, "I need to hurry because it's gonna be a typically bad Iowa winter, my narrow rusty band says so..."

M Ferris

And Critter #2 seems to agree with #1...looks like another cold harsh winter on the way...

M Ferris

But wait a minute. Critter #3 seems to suggest that it will be a mild Iowa winter. In fact he is nearly ALL rust-colored. So maybe winter won't be all that bad.

M Ferris

Whatever the case, the more time these critters spend in the middle of the road is definitely NOT good for their future.