As the USA recorded it's 400,000th Covid-19 death on Tuesday, KCRG reported that approximately 30 different bars in Iowa were cited in 2020 for Covid-19 violations. It's a violation that hurts everyone; the bar owners, the work staff and the patrons. They're all at risk of catching and passing on a contagious virus.

Lately, Governor Kim Reynolds has been flexing a little more muscle in enforcing the rules that demand social distancing, mask-wearing, and limiting groups to eight people.

Violation of those rules can add up to a $1,000 fine for bar owners, whoa! They are already having the absolute worst possible time due to the pandemic. Bars have been identified as a pretty likely place to catch Covid-19. So gathering at bars, gyms, theaters, concerts, large and even medium sized events is still not such a good idea for a little while longer.

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There is light at the end of the tunnel, with a vaccine rollout plan soon that will quickly improve under new leadership in Washington. A new federal stimulus plan will ease a little of the financial pain, but it's the social gathering part that people crave most.

So it's probably just best to mask up, and keep a safe distance until the vaccines are properly distributed.

400,000 is too big a number.

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