The striking United Auto Workers (UAW) John Deere workers and Deere and Company continue to be at an impasse. This as a KCCI report says Deere and Company may move production to plants outside of the United State in order to fulfill customer demand. So with the strike dragging on, will lawmakers get involved? In the case of Iowa, the answer is no.

Governor Reyolds says she will not try to intervene

Gov. Reynolds will not intervene. She was asked by reporters during an appearance in Pella about her plans, in any, to intervene. A Radio Iowa story quotes the governor, who made it clear that she not going to be jumping in.

We’re letting the process work out and it is working out. .. They’ll continue to come to the table, they’ll continue to work on the negotiations, and, hopefully, they’ll reach that settlement sooner rather than later. -Governor Kim Reynolds

The company is still hopeful it can reach an agreement with its workers, but with thousands of employees on the sidelines, and the need for manufacturing to continue, the company is looking for overseas options to shoulder some of the load.

UAW Members Await Announcement On Tentative Deal Ending Strike
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UAW workers rejected a recent offer from Deere and Company

On October 30, it was reported that a new 6-year deal was offered. This would have ended the dispute if approved, but it was rejected by the union by a 55% to 45% vote. prior to this in mid-October, 90% of union members rejected a contract offer that would have given 5% raises to some workers, and 6% raises to others.

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