David Crosby has revealed that his days of touring are over.

“I’m too old to do it anymore,” the famed folk singer admitted during a recently published interview. “I’m too old to do it anymore. I don’t have the stamina. I don’t have the strength.”

Crosby’s revelation came during a conversation with the journalism class at Golden High School, led by former Rocky Mountain News music critic Mark Brown. Despite the fact he was talking to a group of teenagers, Crosby was his typically blunt self.

When asked whether he would tour again, the musician was clear. “No,” Crosby replied (as transcribed by Variety). “I’m not, because I’m 80. It’s because I’m old. Being on a bus tour is a daunting task. It’s very hard. It takes it out of you.”

Crosby's statements echo what he told UCR in 2021, when he declared that "COVID stole my last functioning year." The musician noted he'd had "three tours booked for the summer" at that time, but that the pandemic brought all those plans to a grinding halt. "I lost all three of those tours and I don’t think I can do another bus tour. Never say never: Maybe I could do residencies, if they paid me enough. But I think it’s entirely possible that I may not get to play anymore."

According to Setlist.fm, the rocker's last concert took place Sept. 17, 2019 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. He has made occasional guest appearances with other artists since then -- something he didn’t rule out continuing in the future even though his headlining days seem to be over.

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