Hey Cedar Rapids! We just scored a Top Ten Ranking for 2017's Best Cities for St. Patrick's Day Celebrations.

There are hundreds of cities across the U.S.A. that are green with envy over the latest survey by WalletHub.com, which placed Cedar Rapids as the #4 BEST CITY for St. Patrick's Day festivities! In fact, we took 1st place honors for "safety and accessibility"!

Let that soak in....Cedar Rapids is #4th place for BEST St. Pat's Day partying in the USA.

Danielle Rodgers

Hey, St. Louis, Chicago, and St. Paul, you can kiss our Blarney Stone! We beat all of  those "Irish" cities! Yes, little ol' Cedar Rapids scored higher than all of those!

And here one of the biggest reasons why: "SaPaDaPaSo"

SaPaDaPaSo is a unique Cedar Rapids organization whose name stands for "Saint Patrick's Day Parade Society"

Danielle Rodgers

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[source: Wallet Stub]