It's summer and that means travel, right? For many of us, maybe a mid-summer staycation is in the cards. A chance to get away, without getting away. If that's you, then ahem (uses TV pitchman voice) have I got an amazing and historic place for you!

Located at 845 1st Ave SE in Cedar Rapids, the historic Ausadie Building was added to the National Historic property list on December 6, 2004. It's also been designated as a local historic property according to the Airbnb listing.

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If you're down for that staycation, or a place to put visiting friends or relatives, you'll certainly want to check it out and, I have some photos below that might help you make that reservation.

I will warn you about one thing, as of this writing, a LOT of summer dates are already booked, so hop on the listing quick to get a spot!

Historic Ausadie Building: a look inside

Before we take a look at the place, here's some info:

  • 1 bedroom 2 beds, 1 bathroom
  • The listing is for one unit in the apartment
  • Pool and gym for use
  • Washer/dryer available
  • Self-check-in with the keypad.

Now that you know more about this historic property, let's have a look around! Oh, and if you're interested in booking, you can do so on the official Airbnb listing found here.

Here we go, into the historic Ausadie building in Cedar Rapids.

You'll Love this Gorgeous, Historic Cedar Rapids Airbnb

This Cedar Rapids Airbnb is a registered Local & National Historic property.

Maybe you're in the market to buy something super nice and expensive? Check this place out. Oooh we. If you can afford this, we could be BEST friends!

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