"Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over". You've probably heard the slogan a million times and it will be in full effect for the holiday.

Labor Day brings a long holiday weekend meant to relax, celebrate and enjoy time off as we wind down from what we all know has been a rough summer. The bars are closing early because of the pandemic, if they're even open, so why don't we just throw in the towel and enjoy it from the confines of home this year, because this is also one of the deadliest weekends of the year on the road. The best way to enjoy it is safely...and alive. That's why the Cedar Rapids Police Department reminds us they will be cracking down.

According to a press release from the City of Cedar Rapids, cops are doing extra duty to protect us as part of a nationwide traffic enforcement initiative. KCRG says that in 2019, state officials reported six traffic deaths over the three-day weekend.

The Cedar Rapids Police Department says 43 percent of the 439 fatalities nationwide during the Labor Day holiday weekend in 2018 included drivers that had been drinking.

Through September 7, the police will be on a heavier lookout for impaired drivers and other traffic infractions. But it's not just buzzed drivers they will be watching for. Please be aware of your surroundings in terms of impaired pedestrians. As they say, please celebrate responsibly.

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