Weed has been here on planet earth longer than mankind and during that time has given so many so much. So it's about time mankind returned the favor. ....and this is the best way we know how to repay her - with a list of the Top 9 best pot songs ever.


9. Their song about weed and sweet Jesus made Brewer & Shipley a one-hit-wonder.

8. Back in the days when rock concerts smelled like rock concerts! Rare footage of Boston live. Love those bell bottoms.

7. Dylan was the one who turned the Beatles onto the evil weed. And the whole world says "thank you, Bob".

6. Tom's ode to pot caused corporate heads to roll, they changed the lyric to "hit" another joint...but that's OK with us too. In fact we'll have another "hit".

5. To "Bogart" is to "selfishly not share", or to show disrespect. Don't be that guy. Pass it on.

4. One of the greatest little songs about the bud ever written. Also known as the "Friday Song in many Midwestern classic rock station playlists, a tradition born at KSHE in St. Louis and WLAV in Grand Rapids, MI..

3. Paul once spent 9 days in a Japanese jail for packing the pods. He still plays it in concert, and in fact just lit up Grand Central Station in NYC with this early solo number.

2. He's a picker and grinner. And we all know why he's grinnin'

1. There can only be one number one pot song. This number is the sweetest of them all. Ozzy and Sabbath take our top spot on the best of the best.

The Nine Best Little Pot Songs You Ever Heard

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