The Chicago Bears fans have suffered through some horrible seasons lately and their fans have stayed loyal but does the team finally owe them money?

What It's Like To Be A Chicago Bears Fan?

I've been a Chicago Bears fan my whole life. My family even has season tickets. When the team is doing well, there isn't a better feeling in sports. Unfortunately, Sometimes they make it difficult to be supportive when they've just been bad. There have been a lot of disappointments throughout my life because of them.

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I feel like I live my support of the team like most of the die-hard fanbase. I'm not a fair-weather fan so I'll support Chicago no matter what. However, there are times that I wonder what the heck am I doing following the Bears. I believe they owe me money after all these years.

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Do The Chicago Bears Owe Fans Money?

I am surprised in this crazy world that we live in, that some fan hasn't tried to file a lawsuit against their favorite team for being bad. Not only to get their money back but also for pain and suffering. Maybe, even for the time wasted.

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Through my experiences of being a Bears fan, I can't remember the fans being so excited for a player as they were with Justin Fields. The majority of the stadium during games would be wearing number-one jerseys to support their guy. There were such high hopes for him. Did the team finally get their franchise quarterback?

Now, many football supporters throughout Illinois are heartbroken because their favorite player was traded. What about all those jerseys? I guess the fans could still wear them to games but it just brings back bad memories. Those aren't cheap either.

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A large number of those Justin Fields fans blame the Bears for his failure. When the team convinces the fans that this is their guy they go out to buy the gear to support him. Should they be able to get a refund or exchange for that jersey?

They only got a couple of years of use. That doesn't seem fair. Does the team own the fans money? You know some people will say yes. In reality, I would say no but it is a very interesting situation to think about. What do you think?

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