It's the most wonderful time of the year!

On Tuesday, February 5th, it's time to celebrate National Shower with a Friend Day! This "holiday" is a great way to save water and enjoy a shower with a friend.

I'll be honest, I've never celebrated National Shower with a Friend Day. But it sounds like it could be fun and I'm ALL about conserving water and helping the environment. This wouldn't be awkward at all, right?

This day was created by New Wave Enviro, a company based in Colorado. Their goal is to "inject a bit of humor onto the season while also serving to educate people on the benefits of showering in fresh, filtered water.

Either way, it sounds pretty intriguing. I'd like to celebrate, but how do I go about asking a friend (of the opposite sex) that I want to take a shower with them! It all sounds a little weird to me. I'll have to really think about this one.

If you plan to be a part of National Shower with a Friend Day, comment below and let me know about how it went. I'm sure there will be some great stories.

And when it's all over, let me know if you're still "friends" with the person you celebrated with.


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