"Caveat Emptor" is the Latin phrase that means "Let the Buyer Beware"

It was my first reaction when I heard about this elderly Cedar Rapids couple who are still waiting to be refunded $9,000 by an Iowa company called Aqua Care USA.

Aqua Care USA sells and installs walk-in bathtubs, and offers a variety of other hydrotherapy products, showers and services, which are primarily targeted at seniors. It's worth noting that they've been in business over 16 years.

KWWL reports that Robert and Marcella Stobla of Cedar Rapids had put down a 50% deposit payment for an $18,000 walk-in tub and installation, but their children stepped in and stopped the sale - but not in time to prevent the $9,000 deposit check from being cashed by the company.

Since then, the family has encountered a series of problems in getting the company to provide the reimbursement. According to KWWL, Aqua Care had sent the family a refund check, but it did not clear. So the family turned to the local TV media for help.

Now that the investigative staff at KWWL, the NBC TV affiliate have reported on the story, Aqua Care USA says it will re-issue the $9,000 refund to the Stobla's via cashier's check by next Tuesday.

With many Baby Boomers dealing with aging parents who may be easily sales pitched into a high priced sale, it is a good reminder to let the buyer beware.

After all, you cannot blame the company for simply selling their product. Even Buyer's remorse has a shelf life.

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