It's been open on the northeast side of Cedar Rapids since 2008, but Beef O'Brady's has closed its doors for good. As Beef O'Brady's anyway.

Beef O'Brady's, known as a family sports restaurant, has tons of competition. In Cedar Rapids these days there seems to be a sports bar on every corner, if not two of them. However, what's coming next could spell big success.

Plastic on the windows caught my eye, along with a sign. I had to take a look, and here's what I found:

Bob James
Bob James

The WeatherVane. So what is it? I'm hoping it's the Weathervane seafood chain. If you like seafood, and I DO, there aren't many choices in the city. The one almost everyone thinks of, myself included, is Red Lobster. The only other one I can name is Boston Fish. Sorry, I'm not counting Long John Silver's.

Judging by the Weathervane website's minimal list of locations, all in the east, that's unfortunately probably not what's coming here. Please let me be wrong! If I'm not, I would suggest a new name. You don't wanna open with a lawsuit.

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