Well, this doesn't stink. The city of Cedar Rapids will be looking into improving the equipment that provides odor control at the city's sewage treatment plant.

The proposed upgrade could cost $6.59 million, and would help reduce the strong smell that some nearby residents describe as "rotten eggs".

According to the Gazette, the stink is most noticeable near the plant at 7825 Bertram Road SE, but the odor tends to drift toward Bertram, which is down wind of the plant.

The city's "five seasons" slogan is often the butt of local jokes. It has been convoluted and twisted into a new line poking fun at the "City of Five Smells".

In all fairness, some of those "smells" are not as pleasant as the aroma of  "crunch berries" baking at the downtown Quaker Oats plant. But every city that has a manufacturing base deals with the same situation. If you ever driven through Hammond, Indiana on I-94, you know what I mean.

So hold your head high, breath deep and enjoy ALL the smells of your fine city.

And hold your nose no longer.

[via Gazette]