While you were relaxing, watching it rain, or eating food off the grill Memorial Day weekend, a Cedar Rapids man was claiming the title of the strongest man in the world over age 40.

Ken McClelland, who owns Anvil Gym in Hiawatha, won the two-day Ultimate Strongman 'Master World Championship' in Belfast, Northern Ireland on May 25 and 26. Ken finished third last year.

His competition came from all over the world:

Ultimate Strongman, Facebook

The two-day competition featured eight events, including the Maritime Medley and the Car Roll. You can watch videos from the competition HERE.

Congratulations, Ken, on being the world's strongest man over 40. What Ken should be just as proud of is what I noticed when watching videos from the competition, where it was mentioned that he's always smiling. The online comments congratulating him included things like "absolute gentleman" and "great human being." That, too, is awesome and makes us just as Iowa proud of Ken McClelland.

Ultimate Strongman, Facebook