We call it home and it's one of the happiest cities to live in, according to the website Wallet Hub.

Cedar Rapids ranks #25 out of all the U.S. cities, beating out our bigger Iowa neighbor to the west, Des Moines, which ranked #30.

The survey is based on several factors including cost of living, life expectancy and weather. Wait, what? The weather? That leaves a lot of room for debate, but it still a nice place to call home.

So if Cedar Rapids is Top 25, which town ranked #1? That would be Plano Texas followed by Irving California and Madison Wisconsin, rounding out the top 3 locations.

Cedar Rapids scored highest in the "Community + Environment" statistic, ranking #20 out of nearly 200 cities listed.

Sadly, it comes as little surprise that the city that scored lowest in the study was Detroit, Michigan. They came in dead last in nearly every category listed.

[source: Wallet Hub]

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