The coronavirus pandemic has shifted our world in virtually every way. But one positive thing that is emerging as we get back to normal is our resilience, our ability to bounce back.

And that's exactly what we plan to do - bounce back - on Saturday, October 17. That's the day we have rescheduled the return of the Insane Inflatable 5k, originally planned for this Saturday, July 11 at Kirkwood.

It's been some time since the huge colorful inflatables were here in Cedar Rapids. Over the years we've heard from lots of listeners asking when they would return. Then 2020 and Covid-19 hit us, and wham!

It seems like nothing will ever be the same again, right? But it will. And we'll bounce back with a fun-filled day for the family to spring up, jump over and slide down nearly a dozen crazy colorful giant obstacles at the best location ever, the Kirkwood campus on the southwest side of Cedar Rapids.

It will happen on Saturday, October 17 and you can be assured of getting the lowest price when you buy your tickets direct at

Between then and now get your team together and plan out everything from your costumes, your face paint, shoes, even your race-day strategy. It's not really a race but in some teams, there is always a bit of competitiveness going on.

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