Just when we thought things were getting back to normal, omicron arrives and brings disappointment with it.

It's no joke, but an event that was set to be an exciting chance to showcase our city, especially the derecho-devastated and recently repaired ImOn Ice arena is called off. Just a few months ago, officials were excited to welcome not only the game's top competitors who would be here to compete to advance to the world championships but also longtime curling fans and newcomers alike to the growing sport. But for the second year in a row, COVID-19 has reared its ugly head once again, and the USA Men's and Women's Curling Championships are canceled in 2022.

The event was scheduled to be held at the ImOn Ice Arena from January 2-9. The nationwide surge in cases of the latest coronavirus variant led to the unfortunate decision, which according to Iowa's News Now, was made by the USA Curling Chief Executive Officer Jeff Plush on Wednesday. The organization says it will continue to monitor conditions to determine the status of its other events throughout 2022.  KCRG posted Plush's full statement on the cancelation.

The overall health and safety of our athletes, coaches, volunteers, and partners associated with putting on our National Championships is our highest priority. Based on consultation with our medical team, this is the right decision, as it’s paramount to protect our athletes, minimize risk, and ultimately side with caution.

Cedar Rapids still plans to hold several learn-to-curl events here leading up to the 2022 Winter Olympics, which are scheduled to be held in Beijing this February.

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