I have a friend who's in the hospital right now suffering from the effects of COVID-19. His name is Chad Edmonds, and he could really use some prayers and positive support from the community.

I'll be honest, this whole thing hits you differently when someone you know gets it. You read the headlines, see the videos, but when you see a friend or family member in a hospital bed fighting for their life, it really hits home.

Chad is just 44 years-old. I've known his family since I moved to Iowa back in 1997. I bowled with his father Don and mother Deb on Monday nights at the Westdale Bowling Alley in Cedar Rapids.

The last time I saw Chad was in my bar just a few months ago. We were able to have a drink and catch up. We had a blast and it was a really fun night. The t-shirt he was we wearing made us all laugh. I'm sorry Chad, but I have to post it!

Jaymz Larson

Chad's wife, Teri, has been keeping us updated through social media. It wasn't always looking good, but tonight I feel like we got some good news!

Terri said, "Wonderful shout out to the medical staff at St Luke's who called me on FaceTime (his nurse Courtney) They took me in his room and let Savannah and I have a few minutes to talk to him before her shift change! Thanks again!  Right now he's stable (still very critical) but comfortable in the middle of dialysis. But his Co2 numbers have dropped down to normal range. Thank you Jesus!"

Chad and Terri have one daughter, her name is Savannah. I can't imagine what's going through her mind right now. But if she's anything like here grandparents or her mother, I'm guessing she's doing her best to stay strong.

Sorry if I rambled, but if you made it this far,  I have one favor to ask of all of you:

Please say a prayer for Chad Edmonds, we want him to come home where he belongs. The doctors are doing the best they can, but I feel a little help from all of us could go a long way.

The power of prayer is amazing, let's help prove that.

Chad Edmonds

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