Officials at Cottage Grove Place in Cedar Rapids report that their facility has completely recovered from the Coronavirus outbreak that began there in mid-April.

Recovery is defined as 28 straight days without any newly reported cases in a particular facility, and their results show that has been the case. Initially, 6 staff members and residents tested positive. 4 of these individuals recovered and sadly, 2 died.

Older adults are more susceptible to COVID-19, especially those with underlying health concerns, putting residents of long-term facilities at extreme risk. A spokesperson at Cottage Grove said via a press release received by e-mail,  they worked side-by-side for months with the Linn County and Iowa Departments of Public Health not only towards recovering from this outbreak but to do everything possible to prevent it in the future. They "implemented measures to prevent spread of the virus, including limiting visitors, screening staff and residents for symptoms of COVID-19, designating an isolation area for ill residents with dedicated staff, isolating new residents upon admission, and implementing additional infection prevention practices.  Additionally, personal protective equipment availability was assessed and adequate supplies were ensured to prevent the spread of COVID-19."

They also ask those in the community who come into contact with the more at-risk among us to do their part to protect those individuals by staying home as much as possible, especially when you are sick to slow the spread, wear masks if going out, and hand-washing and sanitizing.

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