I've never understood people's problems with roundabouts. I live near several in Marion and I think they have been helpful with the traffic flow there, especially along 7th Avenue. Cedar Rapids currently has five roundabouts but the city is looking at adding even more.

John Witt, the program manager for traffic engineering in Cedar Rapids, says that motorists will see more roundabouts. Right now, they're determining which intersections are best suited for one. That decision is based solely on safety. Studies show that accidents are reduced by 35% at roundabouts and the risk for injury goes down by nearly 76%.

Right now, city leaders are continuing their efforts in educating drivers on how to properly use the roundabouts. I applaud this effort too. I can't tell you how many times I've nearly been hit by people who don't yield upon entering the roundabout! You'd think the giant YIELD sign would clue them in, but I digress.

You can learn more about roundabouts and the city of Cedar Rapids' plan for more HERE.


[via CBS2]

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