In a story posted here 2 days ago, the Cedar Falls City Council was discussing the PSO program and adding debate as to whether or not to continue with the status quo or to look at any changes that may be needed.

In an update from The WCF Courier, last night's meeting was attended by 15 PSOs, all of who had a stake in this. The discussion continued from the last meeting and then a vote to decide to keep the status quo for now, but be fluid enough to meet again in six months.

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In a three-hour session, council members Kelly Dunn, Daryl Kruse, Gil Schultz, and Susan deBuhr all voted to stay the course at this time.

However, the most recent mayoral election was fraught with questions from both sides as to how to proceed with the PSO program, causing rifts between citizens and even neighbors.

Mayor Rob Green pointed out that the PSOs involved aren't really being considered in the council's decision to continue, as is. "[What about those who would] love to just be a cop or a firefighter,” Green said. He added that they are required to cross-train to keep the job, not “because they really want to be” doing it."

Councilor Kruse said:

“Looking at the seven goals in the special report, there’s actually 66 items that are sub-goals or sub-items, and they cover everything we’ve discussed, or wish to hear concerning the progress of the PSO program... I’m comfortable moving ahead for another six months or whatever time frame, and seeing the progress of the special report play itself out.”

One point discussed was to have a third-part investigation on the program and its capabilities and shortcomings. An outside look into how things are going and how the future looks with the program offers insight into things unseen and possible consequences that may come in the future.

In the interim, Administrator Ron Gaines said that he will appoint a temporary public safety director since the current director, Jeff Olson is scheduled to retire on March 11. The city will be discussing whether or not to hire a full-time PSD and decide by the next meeting on March 7.

More insight on the program and discussion can be read HERE.

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