Up to 10,000 people are expected in an eastern Iowa town of less than 100 for a very rare auction that features so many items it's lasting the entire week.

Bob Gabeline died last September at the age of 86. To say he was an avid car and tractor collector would be a massive understatement. He had more than 300 cars alone. Gabeline also collected motorcycles, firetrucks, pedal cars, bicycles, old Coke machines, and all types of antiques. He collected nearly everything. The Des Moines Register reports this week's sale features 32 hayracks filled with antiques. 32!

His children don't share his obsession with the vehicles, thus a massive auction. During today's first day of the week-long sale, almost 150 vehicles were sold. The high bid of the day went to purchase a 1929 Stutz Black Hawk Roadster. It sold for $122,000. No wonder collectors from Sweden, Australia, Britain, Germany and maybe even Jay Leno or his peeps are expected at the sale in the unincorporated town of Yarmouth, Iowa... a short 90-minute drive from Cedar Rapids.

If you go, what should you expect? Some 80 acres of collectibles with the sale being held inside a 120,000-square foot (that's 2.75 acres!) machine shed. Iowa hasn't seen anything like this in a very long time, and it'll probably be many years before our state does again.

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