The state of Iowa has its share of unsolved mysteries, but many of the creepiest cases involving the murder of seemingly random, innocent people are brilliantly documented on the website Iowa Unsolved Murders.

Authored and reported by Nancy Bowers, "Iowa Unsolved Murders: Historic Cases" provides plenty of bone-chilling facts documenting many of the mysterious killings that remain open for investigation.

Her reporting of the September 1987 murder of Mary Ann Green is a grizzly account that details the victim’s last minutes of life. Mary was fatally stabbed, but managed to write the letter “N” on a closet door mirror… in her own blood… before she died!

In another unsolved case from September 1980, Nancy reports the facts of the murder that occurred at the former Amana Holiday Inn on I-80.

The two victims, Roger Atkison and Rose Burkert had met at the hotel for a clandestine rendezvous. They were attacked by a killer using an axe or hatchet, leaving a bloody grotesque murder scene.

The most unusual clue? Apparently the killer carved a piece of motel soap, then used it to scrawl a message on the mirror…and then obliterated all but one word: “this”

Nancy offers details on over a dozen more unsolved cases for you to investigate on the website. If nothing else it will send shivers down your spine, so it makes for perfect bedtime reading this summer when the weather gets hot.

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