Shocker! On Sunday evening Cale Henderson announced his departure as general manager of Tailgators in Cedar Rapids.

In an emotional Facebook post, Cale Henderson said

First and foremost I’d like to thank Brett Otis Mitchell and Shari 'Green' Mitchell for giving me this opportunity so many years ago. I’ve absolutely loved working for you and consider myself lucky to call you both family. Not all businesses and jobs are the same. When I left my last job to come here it was emotional but for different reasons, this time my heart truly aches. Not because I’m not making a good move (more on that at an appropriate time) but because of the relationships that have been built. We’ve come along way together and we’ve had so much fun doing it. I can honestly say that some of my all time favorite memories were created within those walls. Few guys in my business are afforded the opportunities that have recently come my way and fewer still are able to leave on their own terms.

Henderson added a thank you his staff, both past and present. He also extended his appreciation for the "customers that became friends and the friends that became family."

When contacted by Messenger Sunday evening, Cale assured everyone that all is well with family. He added that he'll announce future plans soon, and assures that the Beard Shaving Fundraiser will continue.

Cale has become a bit of a celebrity in Cedar Rapids, known for his annual Beard Shaving Extravaganza fundraiser that he and his wife Jamie created to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City.

They have been frequent guests on the KRNA Morning Show, and are scheduled to appear on the air this Wednesday at 8:00 a.m.

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