It was an exciting weekend for the Cedar Rapids Kernels with back to back wins over Lansing Saturday and Sunday.  But the real excitement came with a special announcement Saturday night.  Does the name Byron Buxton ring a bell? It seems like just yesterday Buxton was wowing all of us at Veteran's Memorial Stadium.  It was exciting to cheer him on and watch him perform.  You had to catch every game, because with that talent, you knew he wouldn't be here long.  And it was an exciting (albeit sad day) when he was called up.  He was only here for half a season in 2013. That's it.  But his impact was profound, and the Kernels had an impressive season in their first year as a Twins affiliate.

As soon as it was announced he was moving up, the baseball world was abuzz, making him a must add in Fantasy Baseball leagues. The MLB is calling him the #1 prospect in baseball.  In his debut, Buxton went 0-4, but got on base with a sacrifice bunt/fielder's choice.  When the next batter cranked one out to the back wall, Buxton's speed proved the factor, and he rounded in to home, scoring the game winning run in the 9th inning. This ending a 5 game losing streak for the Twins.

Although the call was in part thanks to Torii Hunter's tirade the other night, I think we all hope this is the beginning of a long anticipated dream for the former Kernel. He still struggles against right handed pitchers, but lefties, watch out.  And he makes up for it with his speed and stolen base ability.  Here's to hoping for permanence, because I'm already buying my Twins tickets.