It's record release day for Bush. "Man On The Run" is the 6th studio release for the band. That's not a big number for a band 20 years in, but Gavin Rossdale has had a few years away including some solo efforts and the band Institute in the 2001-11 period.

This new CD marks 20 years since "Sixteen Stone" catapulted the band into superstardom. "The Only Way Out" is the first single - and this one is most likely the next official single. Take a listen to "Loneliness Is A Killer."

Rossdale has been busy of late with his wife Gwen Stefani on "The Voice." He has had a "coaching" role on the show. She says she's been nervous with the prospect of working with her hubby. "We've only made out and made babies."

Sounds like a pretty good gig, Gav.

Producer Nick Raskulinecz spun the dials on "Man On The Run." He's spent time behind the glass for Foo Fighters and Rush, just to name a few. Rossdale wanted the record to sound "heavier."

Rossdale had a cool quote about Gene Simmons recently in the Toronto Sun. When asked to react to Simmons' quote about rock "is finally dead," he said this about the quote:

"“It’s a little too finite for me – there’s not much wiggle room,” said Rossdale. “I’m sure it’s obviously his opinion that day. I’m sure when he puts the tickets back on sale for KISS, as he will do in about 10 minutes, that he hopes it suddenly gets resuscitated and comes back around. You know all music goes through a thing. You could argue that hip hop is in a quieter stage versus EDM... I just think for me, as a musician, you just have to stay the course. You stand your ground. You try to get better at what you do. And it’s almost like a carousel. Everything comes around, there are cycles to everything, and it comes down to good records.”

Give it a spin and see if you think "Man On The Run" is up in the "good record" category.

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