Congratulations to Patrick and Sara Langford of Cedar Rapids, our winners of free tickets and a limo ride from Diamond Limousine to Moline at the TaxSlayer Center for Thursday night's Bryan Adams concert.

Abby Stewart

Joining us was my friend and guest Abby, along with Rick from Diamond Limousine for a fun, friendly, and enjoyable trip. Huge thanks to my boss for furnishing the tasty beverages in the background!

Abby Stewart

It was my pleasure Thursday night to accompany the group to see one of the best concerts we've all enjoyed in a long time. I may be a little biased, but Bryan Adams can still rock.

Eric Stone

As for some of the photos, well, they're just going to have to stay in the phone. He played all the major hits and more at the concert. One of his latest songs "Shine a Light" sounds fantastic live.

Bobby Hansen

For those who grew up on his music and still love it, the setlist speaks for itself.

Bryan Adams Setlist TaxSlayer Center, Moline, IL, USA 2019, Shine a Light

Bryan Adams told stories, like how 'Straight from the Heart' was the first song he ever wrote back when he was 18, when he used his $1000 college fund to buy a piano. And a story of encouragement from his now 91-years-YOUNG grandma. Worked out pretty well for him.

A neat added touch was that proceeds from every ticket purchased were donated to plant trees. We all had a night to remember, and if you were there, we hope you enjoyed it too!

Abby Stewart