Happy first "official", full day of summer!

PR Newswire recently posted the results of a study done by, of all places, Dunkin' Donuts. It says we have a lot of reasons to love summer more than ever this year.

Why? It's because we are hoping it gives us a lot more downtime as we've been generally working much harder this year. We also look forward to road trips, pool time, barbecues and just having nice weather to hang out with friends more often.

On the other hand, 34 percent of us admit we feel guilty for enjoying summer too much and about taking time off from work to do so. Believe it or not, one in six people would actually cut their vacation short if they didn't have the opportunity to take pictures. Who are these people?

What is your favorite thing, or least favorite thing about summer? It feels like it's been summer for a few weeks already since the weather's been so nice and we always treat Memorial Day weekend as the "unofficial" start of summer, but what are you most excited about now that it's really here?

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