At the beginning of March, we told you that a woman from Cedar Rapids made it on season 20 of American Idol. Her name is Haley Myles (formerly Slaton.) Myles, who auditioned while pregnant with her son, fought hard to make it through to Hollywood. She wanted to prove to her son that you can chase your dreams, and she did just that.

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A couple of weeks later we learned that another Iowan, Sam Moss, from Winterset would be featured on the show too. Sam didn't make it through the first time, despite Katy Perry's love for her, but was thankfully given another chance and impressed all of the judges enough for that golden ticket.

K-Hawk's Brain and Courtlin got the chance to chat with Haley and Sam about their experience auditioning in front of the judges. During those interviews, we learned that Sam was keeping a little secret. She too was pregnant just like Haley!

Now, not only do we have two Iowans on the show, but we have two mommas too! These ladies continue to thrive in the competition. Last week we told you that BOTH made it through week one in Hollywood. Now it's on to duet week. Things are a bit different, as Idol hopefuls not only don't get to pick their own partner (judges will be doing that for them), it's also high stakes.

 It's got a real "live together, die alone" vibe to it. Even if contestants work as a team, one or both might not survive the cut. Hollywood Duets are a real crapshoot from beginning to end! Isn't that fun?" -Entertainment Weekly

The good news is that our Iowa mommas got paired together (yay!)

This is gonna be fun and we're rooting for BOTH of them to moved on.

Tune in Sunday, April 3 at 7 p.m. sharp to ABC to see our girls' vocal talents in action. We have a good feeling about this pair-up. Hollywood week three, here they come?

These ladies will have some tough competition though. Check out this duet.

Good luck to our Iowa mommas. We'll be rooting for you!

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