As we enter this fourth week of lockdown we may discover that one can only binge watch so much Netflix. After a while the attention level drops and we need something new to rekindle the imagination.

Books have always been my passport to adventure. The two books I am currently reading offer a glimpse into our world today from very different perspectives.

“The Body” by Bill Bryson is an incredible exploration of our physical human self. Bill writes in an easy-to-read investigative style that mimics his previous best seller “A Short History of Nearly Everything”.

If you are looking for something really heavy to sink your teeth into, a good suggestion is “Sapiens” by author Yuval Noah Harari. It is a provocative, challenging book that takes the reader on a journey from historic times through today’s world in a factual account of where we came from, what we’ve learned and where we are likely heading into the future of mankind.

Both books compliment each other with factual punch and interesting subject matter. If you’re looking to expand your horizons and jump out of your comfort zone, these are two terrific springboards.

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