The boys from New Jersey are coming back to the Midwest. I wish I could tell you it was Cedar Rapids or Moline, but it's not. The Star and Tribune reports, "Bon Jovi will roll into the Xcel Energy Center on March 27th, with some tickets costing in the vicinity of an average house payment."

The Xcel Energy Center is actually in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Just a short drive from downtown Minneapolis. I've seen several shows there and a few hockey games. It's a great venue with plenty of seats. You need a lot of seats for a Bon Jovi Concert!

That's why the band would never play a market like Cedar Rapids. It's just not big enough. This band is huge, they play major cities to sold out crowds all over the country. "The group's Circle Tour in 2010 was that year's top-grossing tour with over $200 million in tickets sales," according to the Star and Tribune.

The article noted that tickets went on sale December 10th, priced at $19.75-$542.50 via Ticketmaster. $542.50 is a lot of money to spend on a concert. I would hope that would come with FREE parking and beer........but I'm sure it doesn't.

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