Now that we've been through the worst of mid 90-degree heat wave, the city of Cedar Rapids has issued a boil order for the NW section of town due to water main break.

As if the weather hasn't been boiling enough, now we gotta boil our water before drinking it to remove any potential harmful elements that may have corrupted the drinking water until the break is fixed.

According to the Gazette, the affected area of northwest Cedar Rapids includes

• Woodsonia Court NW to the North

• Jacolyn Drive NW to the East

• Cox Ave NW to the South

• Clive Drive NW to the West

These lucky residents get to heat the kettle on the stove and boil their drinking water because of a water main break that occurred southwest of the Johnson Avenue and Wiley Boulevard NW intersection.

The boil order will remain in effect until Monday morning July 2 at 8:00 a.m. but it could be extended if the problem isn't fixed by then.

[source: the Gazette]

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