The KRNA Morning Show is celebrating "Black Friday" in a HUGE way! Since we have to work the day after Thanksgiving, let's have some fun!

In honor of the biggest shopping day of the year, we're having our own sale. But we are a little different here at 94.1 KRNA....all of our stuff is FREE!

We've raided the prize closet and plan to give out the loot to our loyal KRNA listeners. We will be handing out prizes every 15 minutes starting at 6:15 a.m. Just be the 7th caller at 365-1111 to win any of  these great prizes!

  • 5th Row Foreigner tickets
  • Iowa Men's and Women's basketball tickets
  • Gift Cards from Half Price Books
  • Midas oil changes
  • Mellow Mushroom Gift Card
  • Q-Dogs Gift Card
  • Alice Cooper tickets
  • Cedar Rapids RoughRiders tickets

I'm probably going to be in trouble for this, but who cares?! Join Producer Mike and I this Friday for a "Black Friday Blowout," with 94.1 KRNA!

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