Get ready for a spectacular celestial light show presented by Mother Nature to kick off the cold December weekend.

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The annual Geminids Meteor Shower return to the late-night skies over Iowa this Friday night.  Do you remember the first time you saw a sky full of sparkling stars?

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Meteors similar to the ones seen in theses photos will be visible, especially in rural parts of Iowa where artificial lighting is dimmed to a minimum.

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Growing up a big city meant we never saw a lot of stars in the night sky, much less meteors or "shooting stars" as we called them.

The sight of the Milky Way is still an amazing experience and when you add the Geminids Meteor shower, it's worth staying up late to see. Which is the game plan if you want to see the biggest and brightest meteors, they are expected to peak around 2:00 a.m. this Friday night/Saturday morning.

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