According to KWWL, "Governor Reynolds announced Wednesday she is further relaxing restrictions and allowing businesses to reopen in more capacities."

The change will go into effect this Friday, June 12, at at 8 a.m. The capacity change will be for bars, restaurants and theaters. This is good news, but it's not exactly what you think.

You see, local businesses here in Eastern Iowa will still have to follow the social distancing requirements. Patrons will still need to to continue following the 6-foot rule. With that said, it will be hard for any bar or restaurant to be at full capacity. Most places will still have to keep at 50% occupancy to be in compliance.

Think about it, if a venue has room for 50, the most you can really fit into a place like that while still obeying the rules, is about 20-25 people. Larger venues will have it a little bit easier, as those places have more room to spread patrons out throughout the bar.

I will say, however, we're moving in the right direction. I applaud Governor Reynolds for trying to keep the economy going during these tough times. Her job hasn't been easy, but overall, I feel she's done a pretty good job.

From what I've seen here in Cedar Rapids, most places are following the rules. I've been to about a five or six bars in the last couple of weeks and everyone has been doing the right thing and obeying the rules.

Let's hope we can continue to move forward and get our world back to normal.

To read the full story from KWWL, you can visit this link.

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