PR Newswire put out a study on the worst body language habits we need to change--and I have a lot to work on.

The list was presented in the context of getting a job, but especially after this past weekend, I would say a lot of them relate to personal and social interaction as well. Here are ways they suggest to improve your body language.

  • Fix your handshake: You want your handshake to be strong but short, confident but limited to a few seconds.
  • Turn that frown upside down. This is obvious. No one likes a grouch, or even one who just appears to be based on their facial expression. You'll personally tend to be more comfortable around people when you smile, too.
  • Mirror the other person. Don't slouch. Sit up straight and again, you'll show confidence. When possible, as in a job interview, you can mirror the other person's body language altogether, and they'll be impressed.
  • Look into their eyes. Direct eye contact, along with smiling is another one that just shows respect. Although, you can and should look away briefly and occasionally so as not to come off as staring.
  • Relax. Adjusting and chewing on my glasses is one of my worst nervous habits. I may need a professional readjustment--or to just stop doing it. Other people shake their legs, fiddle with their pens or have other anxious tics that not only make you look weak but might make the other person nervous, too. Crossing your arms (while smiling) is a good show of confidence.

So, those are some common body language techniques the experts say to start working on. If you'd care to share any of your habits and methods of avoiding them, share them in the comments. Read more from the study here.

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