When someone is gifted, we say they have more talent in their little finger than someone else does in their whole body. Well, what if you could take that super talented person and fit them in the palm of your own hand? That's just what Brazilian artist, Juliana Lepine does. She takes the larger than life, and makes it infinitely more personal.

The first think I saw of Lepine's work popped up on my Facebook feed. It was someone sculpting the legendary lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury. I was hooked when it showed the first thing she would do, which is find the right teeth. Once I knew what kind of attention to detail Lepine had, I could not turn away:

Next, I found a video on her channel of her sculpting another iconic front man. I'm referring to the one and only Axl Rose. Check out his likeness:

on her channel she also has tutorials and sculpting lessons, so even you can whip out a masterpiece of your own!

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