To date, only one Marvel hero has gotten four solo Marvel Cinematic Universe movies: Thor. Iron Man tapped out after three films; the same with Captain America (although a fourth Cap movie in the works, it will star Anthony Mackie, not Chris Evans). Only Thor keeps on chugging away, with Love and Thunder opening in theaters just a few months ago.

The character of Thor is a nigh-immortal alien god, but the guy who plays him, Chris Hemsworth, is just a dude. An extremely handsome, very physically fit dude, but a dude nonetheless. And he’s already played Thor for 11 years, across four Thor films, and four Avengers films. At this point, at age 39, got to be closer to the end of his run in the MCU than the beginning.


In fact, Hemsworth recently told Vanity Fair he’s doesn’t know if there will be more Thors in his future. He did say he is “open to it” and has “always loved the experience,” but had no information on any future movies.

He also suggested that if he makes a fifth Thor it would likely be his last, noting...

...I feel like we'd probably have to close the book if I ever did it again, you know what I mean? I feel like it probably warrants that. I feel like it'd probably be the finale, but that's not based on anything anyone's told me or any sort of plans. You have this birth of a hero, the journey of a hero, then the death of a hero, and I don't know—am I at that stage? Who knows?

Of course, even if Marvel decides not to make another Thor, there are many other places Hemsworth could pop up. The company already has two more Avengers movies planned for the next few years, The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. It seems highly unlikely he won’t appear in one (or both). Perhaps Secret Wars could make a good sendoff for the God of Thunder, in much the same way Endgame was the curtain call for Iron Man and Captain America.

Thor: Love and Thunder is already streaming on Disney+.

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