Just today I was driving southbound on I-380 and was rather annoyed with someone who was tailgating me. Let's say that I was already going a brisk 61 in the 55 mph zone and didn't want to press my luck.

I was traveling in the center lane but I couldn't get over soon enough for the impatient tailgater behind me. She gave me a dirty look as she finally zipped passed me and I thought to myself "just wait until you get that ticket in the mail, sister".

Much to my surprise she likely knew something that I was about to find out, and can now share with you.

CBS2 News reports that the traffic cameras on I 380 in the city of Cedar Rapids have been shut off. According to Cedar Rapids spokesperson Greg Buelow, they are not issuing speeding tickets and haven't been since April 25.

Now I know.

This comes following a recent court ruling on April 25 that said the Iowa Department of Transportation has the power to regulate primary highways and to remove the cameras. 

Now maybe she knew something I did not. But I know that I still feel safer going only a little over the posted speed limit, and then only to keep pace with the flow of traffic at any given time.

Beyond that, I'll gladly move over to the right lane for all those lead-foots who insist on pressing their luck.

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