A Cedar Rapids restaurant that celebrated its grand opening just eleven months ago has abruptly closed its doors.

Located at 5240 Edgewood Road NE, The Weather Vane celebrated their grand opening in January. It was 13 months ago that I told you Beef O'Brady's, a restaurant that enjoyed nearly a decade-long road in the location, had closed.

According to a post on their Facebook page, The Weather Vane nearly closed their doors three months ago, but

Because of your support for The Weather Vane we fought on and stayed open and tried mightily to pursue our dream. Unfortunately, our dream has come to an end and we have had to close our doors effective immediately.

Mike Ferris

The Weather Vane closed Wednesday, December 5. It's not the first restaurant to struggle in the Fountains development along Edgewood Road at Blairs Ferry Road. Tanner's Bar and Grill, and then Drizzy's Bar and Grill, were almost directly across the parking lot from the former Weather Vane. That location is now home to Paradise Biryani Pointe. I'm planning my first visit this weekend.

Bob James