Dear people who hate summer,

Sure, the next week or so is going to be SCORCHING hot, with temperatures near 100. You may say that's excessive. But, I say bring it on (apologies to those who have to work outdoors). Stay hydrated and use plenty of sunscreen if you're outside.

You remember a couple of months back when we were living with the mercury at around -60 degrees (BELOW zero...WITHOUT the wind chill), right?

Summer is way too short and takes way too long to get here. (OK, doing the math, all the seasons are technically the same length, but you get the point.)

Right now, the weather's warmer (I'd still  settle for the average high this time of year, which  is 84), the drinks are colder, and the day lasts longer, with the sun out 'til 9 p.m. Soon enough, we'll get back to the "beautiful" falling leaves we'll have to rake and the extra layers of clothes we'll have to put on before we leave the house (in part, to scoop multiple inches of snow).

Until then, don't disturb my tea-sipping, barefoot, sun-soaked cookout on the deck summer nights.


Eric Stone



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