The Cubs oldest fan was born three years after their last World Series title. Meet Ray Styrlund.

Ray lives at Park Vista retirement home in East Moline, Illinois. He's 105-years-old and is thrilled the Cubs made the World Series for the first time in his life telling WQAD, "I feel relieved they finally did it before I pass away."

Styrlund used to frequent Wrigley Field during his younger days when all the games were played during the day. Wrigley's first night game was played August 8, 1988. Ray was 77 at the time.

He's counting on the Cubs breaking their World Series victory drought saying, "They better. I`m not going to wait another 100 years." Ray says he usually goes to bed early, but won't be several nights in the next week or so. Wouldn't a World Series victory be a wonderful addition to the long life this sweet man has already enjoyed.

[via WQAD]