It seems hard to believe, but Alice in Chains have released only five full-length studio albums, yet each has impacted with the force of knockout punch landed by a heavyweight boxer. It feels as though the band did more as their early career was littered with EPs, an MTV Unplugged special and some soundtrack contributions, but the band has really made hay with their full-length releases. We've taken on the task of ranking their efforts from weakest to strongest, although it's hard to argue that any of their albums are "weak."

There are many factors to consider. Do you reward the band for the amount of radio singles they've yielded? Do you look at albums and consider how many songs, including deeper cuts, continue to be played in the band's shows? And how do you compare the band's two different eras? Layne Staley was one of the true powerhouse vocalists in rock before his death, but the band have soldiered on with creatively relevant sounds and music with William DuVall slotted in to share vocals and play alongside Jerry Cantrell.

After much discussion, we've come up with what we feel to be the best representation of where Alice in Chains' full-length catalog stands. So click through the gallery above and see if you agree with our album rankings.

Alice in Chains Albums Ranked

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