You drive by it on northbound I-380 countless times as you head into town, but chances are you've never seen it up close. It's like New Yorkers who have never been to the Statue of Liberty.

That's why a visit to Cedar Rapids must include a trip to Duffy's Classic Cars. It's the coolest, a classic car shop that's been part of Cedar Rapids for the past 41 years.

Nestled snugly on Classic Car Ct. SW between J St and I-380 in southwest Cedar Rapids, Duffy's Classic Cars is truly a corner of cool-ness.

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Like many small businesses, Duffy's auto showroom has been closed during the pandemic, so instead they make appointments for each of their customers. They attend to a select, loyal market of hobbyists and car enthusiasts.

It's a group of guys and gals who still change their own oil, some with the additional know-how to calibrate a carburetor, buff out a quarter panel, or drop a transmission. God bless 'em all too, because many of these passionate car owners also frequently volunteer their time for charity car show events like the annual Tanager Place Summerfest.

Growing up in Cedar Rapids, it seems practically everyone has enjoyed a Saturday night Car Cruise on 1st Ave. Last summer the tradition exploded once again, and it gave us back a bit of our youth during the lockdown. With spring time back again, everyone is looking forward to continuing the tradition in 2021.

Now, if you ever wondered how much it would take to re-ignite those once-hot flame decals on a '57 Chevy, just reach out to the gang at Duffy's Classic Cars. You may be surprised to find your dream car is one that you can afford.

And next time you see a pristine, classic muscle car or convertible, look for the Duffy's license plate frames. That's the best form of advertising for a classic car.

A Trip to Cedar Rapids Must Include at Stop at Duffy's Classic Cars

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Cedar Rapids 1st. Ave. Car Cruise

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