Meet my good friend Cale Henderson. As you can see by the picture, Cale has a beard. He grows it long and shaggy and then shaves it once a year. He does this to raise money for a place near and dear to his heart, the Ronald McDonald house in Iowa City.

We'll get back to the beard shaving in a moment, but let me tell you why he does this every year. Cale and his wife Jamie have a beautiful daughter named Tatum. Tatum was born at the University of Iowa Hospital after a pregnancy full of surprises. Doctors determined early on that Tatum's heart had developed with a congenital heart defect.

Within days of her birth, Tatum had open heart surgery. She was a patient at the U of I for one month, and the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City was there for them through it all. They found out the house provided so much more then shelter.

The Ronald McDonald House has been a staple in their lives over the last six years. For that, Cale wanted to give something back to them. What started off over a beard joke at lunch, has turned into a huge fundraising event once a year in Cedar Rapids.

Join us this Sunday, December 10th, for the 5th Annual Beard Shaving Extravaganza! The event has really gained momentum with each passing year. There will be live music and plenty of cold drinks. A wonderful team from Fix Salon graciously comes in each year and shaves the participants. Prior to the event, a team runs around to gather silent auction items. There is always a raffle, and cash donations are accepted throughout the night.

I'm sure you're wondering where all the money goes? In the remaining days before Christmas, Cale and his team go shopping. They are in search of the most needed items at the Ronald McDonald House. In the past, they have purchased beds, furniture, computers, pots and pans, TV's and Blue Ray players for all 31 rooms, food, toys and work out equipment.

In the last 4 years, the event has raised over $50,000! ALL proceeds go back to house in Iowa City. When I say ALL, I mean every dollar. So please join us this Sunday, at Tailgators bar in Cedar Rapids. Cale does so much for our community, let's stop by on Sunday and tell him thanks.... I'll see you there!

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