It's so funny how pet owners come about naming their pets. Whether they give them a cute animal name, a name mostly associated with humans, or something completely out of left field, it's always fun to hear the story behind the name people give their pets.

In my house, we have 5 cats. Trixie, Pam, Scott, Salem, and Josie B. When my fiance brought home our second cat I tried giving her a random human name to try and prevent her from bringing home anymore. She called my bluff.

Pam didn't stop her, Scott didn't work either, Salem already had her name, and I tried to name the last one after my friend Josh (whose last name starts with a B) but it turns out she was a girl. So I went with Josie B. None of those names have anything special about them other than I was trying to prevent them from ending up in my house.

This whole story started when I was listening to the Blake Shelton song "I'll Name the Dogs" and he has a line in that song that says "you name the babies, I'll name the dogs" and I thought to myself, you're sure taking the easy way out on that one. Picking a human name has way more pressure attached to it than naming a dog. You could go with Max or Buster and not think twice about it. I'm a fan of the dog named Ice Bear. You'll see that one show up in this gallery of strange names Iowans have given their pets.

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Iowans submitted strange and weird names they have given their real pets and these are some of the strangest. *The animals in these photos are not the owners real pets*

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